Brompton M3l folding bikeCycling is pretty much as popular as it’s ever been. Healthy, green and cost effective cycling has advantages in a number of ways in your daily life. Some people love to take their bikes out of the city and enjoy nature on two wheels. It’s a fantastic way to get some miles in and see what’s out there, especially across Europe where they have well developed cycle paths.

Others like to cycle in the city and make their commute. There are a number of benefits like avoiding traffic and getting your morning exercise in. However there are also a number of issues you have to look into when you’re an avid cyclist.

Firstly for cyclists you have to worry about the security of your bike. Bikes can be very expensive and if you spend thousands you really need to take care of it. In fact bike theft is one of the most common crimes in the world, even if you have a modern lock.

Secondly you want to have a bicycle that’s transportable. This will let you take public transport and not worry about taking up the whole carriage or not being let on.

Finally when you’re cycling you want something that’s fast, effective, stylish and still portable. This is where folding bikes come in.

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are the latest craze in cycling. The idea is simple, a fully functional bike you can ride, which is lightweight and can fold in half. Traditionally bikes have been fairly cumbersome and space consuming in the home or workplace, but not anymore with the folding bike.

For those who commute you can finally take your bike in with you. Once you fold it up it’ll fit right next to your desk or in a small storage unit. This means it’s not left outside to be beaten up by the weather or stolen by opportunistic thieves.

Similarly when you get home you won’t have to worry about having a whole garage. A foldable bike can be picked up and put in your home, taking up minimal space. This is perfect for those of us with a small city flat instead of a large house.

Folding bikes are perfect for day trips or public transport. By folding up the bike you can easy take it on trains, buses and even flights. This means when you travel you won’t have to buy or rent, you’ll have the bike you know and love.

Folding Bike Features

Folding bikes are getting more advanced every single day. What began as a pretty basic bike has now been developed so you don’t have to compromise. You’ll find a whole range of foldable bikes which have loads of gears and are just as usable as any classic bike.

You can also now get folding mountain bikes! Get all the rugged resilience of a tough mountain bike, with the simplicity and utility of a folding bike. This allows you the best of both worlds.

Finding your Folding Bike

Folding bikes really are the future and every year we’re seeing more designs, more innovation and better features. They’re incredibly popular now and this means that a lot of bike manufacturers are getting involved.

To find the right folding bike you’ll need to be able to navigate the market. are specialists in the field. They’ve got all the latest information about folding bikes and have taken the time to find all the best brands and models.

It’s never been easier to be a cyclist and find the right bike. Check out the best foldable bikes