towing car at roadFor new drivers or those who have just been driving carefully for a long time, it’s possible that they have never had to have their vehicle towed. However, the day may come when a they have to call up a towing service and ask for a lift for their vehicle, and when that happens, they need to know what to expect.

The first time someone’s vehicle is towed, it can be a worrying and confusing experience. It doesn’t have to be, though. There are a few things people need to know about having their vehicle towed.
First of all, the towing service will be happy to tow the vehicle wherever the owner requests, so long as it is reasonably close. Essentially, anything within a twenty or thirty-mile radius is usually acceptable, but the longer the vehicle needs to be towed, the more it will cost. Towing services tend to charge by either distance or time for their services.

They can tow it to the vehicle owner’s mechanic of choice, which is probably the best way to go, if the mechanic isn’t too far away. They can also suggest a mechanic or even do some basic work themselves. That’s right, a towing company Orlando drivers call may be able to fix up the vehicle enough for the owner to drive it to their mechanic or home on their own. Of course, there will be an additional charge for this service.

It’s also best to have the vehicle off the road. When contacting a company like Tow Company Orlando, car owners should have the vehicle moved to a safe spot, if possible. It won’t always be possible to move the vehicle if it needs towing, but if it is just leaking fluids or has a flat tire, it’s a good idea to get it completely off the road and somewhere that a tow truck can hook up to it easily.
It’s also okay to ask about pricing before agreeing to have the tow truck come get the vehicle. Most towing services will gladly give a free quote over the phone, but car owners should keep in mind that this is just an estimate and the actual cost may be more or less than that phone estimate.
Hopefully, this information helps to make the towing experience more pleasant and less worrisome for those who have never had their vehicle towed before.