woman trying a compound bowMany hunters move up to compound bows once they feel comfortable using a conventional bow. However, making the move from one type of bow to another comes with some differences that hunters need to be aware of. These are also important things for anyone who is buying a bow for the first time to know about so that they don’t make some common mistakes.

First of all, wooden arrows are designed for conventional bows. They should not be used in compound bows, as the tensile strength will probably break them. Anyone hoping to use their old supply of wooden arrows on a new compound bow needs to know this and sell those off or only use them with their conventional bow.

There is more than just one type of compound bow. These bows are classified by the kind of cams they come with. The single cam is the most common and is probably he easiest to use. It’s very quiet, but isn’t easy to tune.
Hybrid cams, twin cams and binary cams all offer different advantages, and consumers need to know how they stand apart to ensure that they buy the right one for them. It helps if they know what kind of hunting they will be doing and what kind of hunter they are. If they want to make a lot of adjustments for wind, velocity and elevation, then they will need a different kind of bow than one that is simple use and is ideal for beginners.

The best compound bow will be the one that fits their needs best, and sites like best compound bow can give consumers insight into those different bow types and how they measure up to one another.

Consumers should also beware of marketing fluff or misleading marketing, such as ad copy that claims the bow can shoot at speeds of 300 mph. That will only be possible if you have the muscle to make consistent shots at that level of strength, and owning your own strength will help you avoid some of the hype and advertising tricks that are part of the process of buying a compound bow.
This is just to help get new compound bow buyers ready for their purchase. There is a lot more to learn, and we suggest new buyers take their time in choosing the best compound bow for their needs.